Concressive 2525 

CONCRESIVE 2525 is a two component, solventless epoxy resin that can be used to produce a range of epoxy resin mortars for different applications. The resin system is formulated to bond to both dry and damp surfaces.

CONCRESIVE 2525 adheres to most surfaces after
proper preparation. It is recommended to be held always in stock as a general purpose epoxy system that can be used with suitably graded fillers for a variety of unforeseen applications that arise on sites frequently, such as:

• bonding fresh concrete to set concrete especially at
construction joints.
• bonding cementitious repair mortars or steel to concrete or mortar substrates.
• grouting of anchor bolts, dowels, etc.
• rapid repairs to structural concrete.
• patch repairs to floors, stair case noses, walls, etc.

Note: While CONCRESIVE 2525 is a versatile resin
system, its performance depends entirely on the proportion, type and grading of fillers used and the method of application followed.

For jobs planned in advance, it is recommended to
select a BASF Construction Chemicals product designed for the specific type of application to achieve optimum results.

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