Mastertop BC 375 N 

MASTERTOP BC 375 N is a solvent free, low emission, pre-filled, 2K-self-levelling polyurethane floor coating.

MASTERTOP BC 375 N is used indoors where medium to heavy traffic is required. MASTERTOP BC 375 N is suitable for applications to mineral substrates such as concrete or cement mortar floor screeds, which have been primed with a 2K-EP primer.

MASTERTOP BC 375 N can also be applied to bituminous substrates with special primers like MASTERTOP P 660 or MASTERTOP BC 375 N. It is part of system MASTERTOP 1324, MASTERTOP 1324 AB, MASTERTOP 1324 AB and MASTERTOP 1324 R. MASTERTOP BC 375 N fits to the low emission of AgBB standard.

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