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Overview of Sonoshield Products 

Sonoshield HLM 5000
SONOSHIELD HLM 5000 is a single component, bitumen modified, polyurethane based, waterproofing coating that cures by reaction... 
  Sonoshield HLM 5000 MSDS
  Sonoshield HLM 5000 PDS

Sonoshield Reinforcement
SONOSHIELD Reinforcement is used as the reinforcing fabric for SONOSHIELD 300H, sandwiched within the system. ... 
  Sonoshield Reinforcement MSDS
  Sonoshield Reinforcement PDS

Sonoshield Sonoguard
SONOSHIELD SONOGUARD is a liquid applied moisture-cure polyurethane seamless waterproofing membrane system with an integral... 
  Sonoshield Sonoguard Base Self Levelling MSDS
  Sonoshield Sonoguard Base Slope MSDS
  Sonoshield Sonoguard PDS
  Sonoshield Sonoguard Top Coat MSDS

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